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“I started training with Sam in October 13 after the excesses of a long hot and lazy summer! With just over two months to get me into shape for an extended ski break, Sam set about her work in a professional manner organising me a programme that was varied and held my interest.Each session was different varied runs, intervals, kettlebells and bodyweight excercises, Sam showed a keen interest in the results and kept me motivated and focused. At the end of the two months target had been achieved and an enjoyable ski break was had. I am now continuing to train with Sam as it is enjoyable and effective, need I say more!”

Andy Hughes

I’ve been doing “boot camp” with Sam since October 2012. She’s an enthusiastic and inspiring trainer – she knows how to (safely) get the most out of you so that you get maximum benefit from the sessions, no matter what your age, limitations or level of fitness. She varies the routine weekly and it’s always fun. It feels great to be exercising in the fresh air, not in a sweaty gym! I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Alison Chestnutt

I have known Sam for some time and her enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. Coming up to my “pension” age but with a reasonable level of exercise behind me I just wanted to tighten up and to be able to do things a bit easier. Sam listens to what I want to get out of my investment in money and time. She seems to totally understand my particular targets and my limitations. My one-to-one training sessions have not been a “beasting” as they say, but are set at a rate that just pushes me every time and the results have surprised me as to what I have attained. The sessions are always varied and I get the feeling every time that she really cares and has real interest in me. No automated “yes, yes, good” comments as I have known before but genuine motivation, watching me closely and making sure that I get the most out of my sessions. I am pleased to be able to recommend Sam’s personal training to anyone, no matter what the starting level of fitness


“Sam is great, she tailored a program for me that was fun and fitted in well with my day and goals! Really good to have someone friendly to egg me along, show me the ropes and make it enjoyable- thanks!”

Oliver Davies